New 2017 New Peace Pod™ Collection!

Handcrafted from Siberian Larch Wood and Nordic Spruce!

A variety of designs for a multitude of uses!

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peace-podsThe “Peace Pod™”, (AKA: Euro Pods, Camping Pods, Snugs) are the latest in ultra modern, state of the art, sculptured structures… Beautifully crafted from high quality Nordic Spruce, impenetrable Larch Wood, and finished off with the fire resistant metal roofing tiles and metal roof cladding providing 100% outside protection from the elements… This solidly built, practical yet elegant small footprint building is perfect for owners seeking a long lasting high quality structure which is a “cut above” the everyday camping structure, a retreat, or a therapeutic office… whether you are seeking a unique structure for your retreat, camp grounds, spiritual centers, hut to hut, golfing facilities, coffee stands, or fishing palace… the “Peace Pod™” is a hit where ever it goes… with High Grade Double Glazed top quality Windows and Doors… the “Peace Pod” is a great investment! Get your “Peace Pod” ordered now so you can insure your delivery…
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